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Wind/Rain Canopy
The Wind/Rain Canopy is custom designed to fit over each push chair. It is made out of a clear vinyl that completely encloses the front and sides to protect the passenger. The sides of the Wind/Rain Canopy have air holes which provide ventilation and prevent fogging.

Footwell Kit
The Footwell Kit adds 5" more to the footplate to accommodate passengers with longer legs, providing a comfortable ride for longer periods of time, and offering room for growth.

Highback Kit
The Highback Kit provides an extra 6" of seat back height for passengers with a longer torso or allows room for growth.

Liquid Holster
The Liquid Holster is a self-leveling beverage holder that sways with the motion of the push chair – helping to prevent spills. It is designed to fit most round or square tubing found on push chairs. It easily attaches to any push chair and so much more!

3-Piece Pillow Set
The 3-Piece Pillow Set consists of three Lycra fiber pillows that can be used for lumbar and/or lateral positioning within the seat of the push chair. Available in Black only.

Carry Bag
Advance Mobility carry bags are custom designed to fit the Freedom push chair perfectly and are durable enough to protect your push chair when traveling.