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Satisfaction guaranteed?
We want to be sure you are happy with your product. If the push chair is purchased from our website and it does not meet your expectations, return it to us within 7 days (Return Policy). Freight is not refundable (we do charge 15% restocking fee, since we thoroughly inspect your push chair and re-box it. You will also need to pay the shipping charges, duties and taxes.)
Is there a warranty on your Push Chairs?
Yes! We pride ourselves on making the best push chairs in the world! Advance Mobility being a division of Baby Jogger warrants that the frame is free of manufacturer defects for the lifetime of the product. Manufacturer defects include but are not limited to the breaking of welds and frame tube damage. Textile or soft side materials and all other components shall be warranted for one year from date of purchase with the exception of tubes and tires. Proof of purchase is required to make a warranty claim. The warranty is only for the original owner and is non-transferable.
What about walking with my push chair in the dark?
Since we are concerned about your safety and that of your passenger, we recommend that you do not use your stroller at night. However, if you choose to, please attach reflective strips to the wheel spokes and the seat. Bicycle lights can also be mounted on the handlebar.
How easy is it to steer the push chair?
Steering your push chair is simple. When steering a fixed front wheel, push down on the handlebar and raise the front wheel to pivot on the rear wheels for turns.
Are the seat and canopy washable?
How can I care for my push chair? You may clean the push chair frame with a soft, dry cloth, and an occasional spray of household wax will maintain its healthy glow.
  • Moisture - especially from the beach - can rust the wheels. Spraying regularly with a silicon lubricant will help keep your wheels looking brand new.
  • Your push chair will benefit from a yearly visit to the bike shop for wheel alignment. Refer to the number on the tire wall for the optimum pressure for your tires.
  • Storing - Sunshine can fade seat and canopy fabric and dry out tires, so storing your push chair indoors will prolong its good looks. However, if you do store it outside, using a tarp will protect against weather wear.
Are these push chairs safe?
We are very serious when it comes to safety. We test our push chairs constantly. As a division of the original Baby Jogger Company, we have over 25 years of experience caring for our customers. Their safety is our top priority.
Do our push chairs fold?
Yes, the Freedom Push Chair folds flat in a few easy steps. Please refer to your product manual for information on how to fold your push chair.
Do we accept insurance?
Unfortunately, if you purchase the product directly through us we do not have the ability to bill insurance companies. We suggest you go through one of our medical dealers to purchase the product and they may be able to bill the insurance company direct.