A division of Baby Jogger


A division of Baby Jogger, Advance Mobility was created to help children and adults with special needs pursue an active lifestyle. Baby Jogger is the original inventor and leading manufacturer of the three wheeled all-terrain stroller and jogger since 1984. Phil Baechler, the original owner and developer of Baby Jogger was a local newspaper journalist who wanted the opportunity to spend time with his then infant son without giving up his favorite pastime: running. He discovered that there was a void in the market for a stroller that could endure the stress of long distance high speed usage over various terrains. He designed the first three wheeled stroller with features more conducive for running and Baby Jogger was born.

Also recognizing a need in the special needs industry, Phil Baechler began developing a three wheeled push chair for children and adults with physical disabilities that is practical for every day use and can be taken everywhere - to the beach, to the mountains and even to the mall. It was a natural progression for Baby Jogger to break into the special needs industry; as the leading manufacturer of high quality, durable children’s products for years, we understand the safety needs and comfort that is desired in an all-terrain push chair.

In 2003, Dynamic Brands acquired Baby Jogger which has led to further development of new products in both lines. The special needs division was given its own name - Advance Mobility.

In 2014, Newell Rubbermaid acquired Baby Jogger.