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I emailed to tell you that Amanda and I managed to complete our second marathon together in 3:30:13 to qualify for the 2005 Boston Marathon. We ran in the 2004 Toronto Waterfront Marathon on September 26, 2004, the same race that Michal Kapral pushed his daughter to a sub 3:00:00 marathon. Amanda turned 19 this fall and we've already sent in our registration forms for next year's Boston Marathon. I'm looking forward to traveling there with the whole family and starting the race with Team Hoyt (Rick and Dick Hoyt) . Also, just because it's a "Jogger" doesn't mean the buggies don't go fast. We've turned a number of sub 4:00 kilometers as well...

Mark Collis

I write to you beacause I cannot go on without thanking you for all the collaboration I received from your company in purchasing this stroller for my baby doll. I had not seen the stroller as I wanted it to be a Christmas gift and what a surprise we had, as it is perfect! I had not imagined it to be so complete, and practical and most of all comfortable! It is perfect! That is just what we needed. My baby doll, my family and I are forever grateful for the support your company gave us.

Sonia Soler Ovalle

Our son, Michael, has Down Syndrome and autism and had seizures. He is almost 17 years old and has difficulty in deciding he wants to go places. We had the smaller jogging stroller for 9 years, then ordered the Special Needs III-20 which we've had for 4/5 years. I'm on the third set of rear tires for it. I look forward to the next stroller.

David Zeagler

I just thought you might like to see the smiles YOU helped to create. As you can see, the jogger is perfect! As Trevor pushes through his physical and emotional challenges, the ability to get out and about with his mom for a short period of time each day is a blessing. We are very thankful to you and Baby Jogger!

T-Man Fan

I want to thank you for making the Freedom push chair. I had originally planned on pushing my sister-in-law in the Los Angeles Marathon. She required a jogger that was comfortable and could accommodate an oxygen tank.Sadly, she passed away a few weeks before the marathon. However, there was a young man, with cerebral palsy who was very excited to have an opportunity to be a part of such a big event. I was impressed with the lightweight, yet sturdy construction of the mobility device. I was able to turn it quickly and with ease. Nick, the young man, was comfortable throughout the 26.2 mile marathon. I was very pleased with the quality, and many features included with the Freedom push chair. I highly recommend your products for children and adults with special needs. I wish you the best of success.

Rich Blagden

We just picked up our Freedom Stroller on Wed from Columbus Medical Supply. We went right to the mall with it. Keep in mind that our privious record was 45 minutes before our autistic son Samuel couldn't handle it. At which point he'd scream and hit anyone around (this always happened far away from our entrance). On Wed we stayed 3 hours, had dinner walked through shops.

By the way the swivel front wheels made it a snap. Samuel was so comfortable and happy. No stares or comments from people who can't see our other 3 children being perfect. Your product made that possible. In fact it was so easy to push that our other kids wanted to push it, our 2 year old had some problems though :) Friends of ours have a competitor stroller and yours is a nicer product for less money ($300.00 in fact). Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. I can't wait to put this thing through it's paces; hikes in the woods, the fair, festivals, museums, all the places we couldn't go as a family before. Thank you for a perfect product.

Nik Halaszi

It has been two months that Mateo has been enjoying his push chair. You can't imagine the glow in his face full of happiness when he first saw the Freedom push chair. That little face of his made me so grateful to you and your company for all the help you provided me in making this possible for him. I congratulate you for all the hard work because through your website, you are able to offer all who live in other countries, the same opportunity like the one Mateo had. Again, thank you and be assured that I will share my story with other families that need products like what your company offers. It is very difficult to find these kind of possibilities here. A thousand thank you's from me and all my family; we are all very happy with the push chair. It is just what we needed for our son.

Monica Restrepo

We were very impressed with the Advance Mobility Freedom Jogger; as a matter of fact, we took a photograph of Samantha 'trying it on for size' when it arrived. I had spent several weeks researching similar products and determined that this brand was the best for our child's needs: Our daughter, is mobile, but has a chromosome 18 duplication and limits in endurance due to differing leg lengths. With our active family and 4 other siblings, we are forever on the go; needing a product which helps alleviate activity restriction. Many other similar-looking items simply do not take into consideration the height of a child; although some would suffice weight capacity, they were far too small for our growing child. We are impressed with the construction of the Freedom push chair as well as its ability to fold for transport. Customer service was friendly and accommodating and thus, I recommended the website to several groups, including a well-renown pediatric hospital who I knew to be seeking a quality product. There is a huge gap for valued items such as this. Thank you very much for your business and I will continue to refer others in the future.

Velvet Martin